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Off the Wall: Poster and Print Sale Exhibition

As early as 1970, La Raza Silkscreen Center/La Raza Graphics was producing silkscreen prints by Chicano and Latino artists. In 1978 La Raza Silkscreen Center moved to the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts and was later renamed Mission Gráfica.

Mission Gráfica continues to serve as a cultural hub in San Francisco’s Mission District attracting artists from all over the world. Many artists who began their careers at Mission Gráfica Printmaking Studio and La Raza Silkscreen Center/La Raza Graphics—artists such as Linda Lucero, Herbert Siquenza, Michael Roman, Juan Fuentes, Jos Sances, Alexandra Blum, Calixto Robles, Jesus Barraza, and Alyssa Aviles—went on to work as successful community artists.

The prints and posters in this exhibition represent two collections, La Raza Graphics and Mission Gráfica Printmaking Studio. The images vibrate with electrifying color and compelling images and are enhanced by the juxtaposition of powerful messages. Issues featured such as oppression, gentrification, displacement and immigration are still relevant today. These posters embody the Latinx community’s history, culture and struggle for self-determination.

The combined collections of La Raza Graphics and Mission Gráfica Printmaking Studio represent approximately 4,000 prints and posters, many of which will be for sale in this exhibition. Collectors will be able to purchase prints and poster and take them “Off the Wall” at the time of purchase.

Panel Discussion with Juan Fuentes, Alexandra Blum, Calixto Robles, Alyssa Aviles, and Lincoln Cushing. Moderated by Jesus Barraza.
Friday, September 20, 2019, 7:00 pm ($5 Admission)


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