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New Edition: Print from the past, present, and future at Pratt

“New Edition: Print from the past, present, and future at Pratt” is an exhibition featuring works generated by P.I.E. (Pratt Institute Editions, est. 2017) alongside works from the archive of Pratt Graphics Center (1953-1986). PIE is the publisher of Pratt Fine Arts Department’s edition multiples. PIE invites artists to campus to produce an edition with our master printer, Caitlin Riordan, and printmaking students. PIE’s mission is to produce professional fine art multiples that connect our student community to a broader cultural context. PIE is committed to fostering new and innovative collaborative relationships across generations and communities.

Pratt Graphics Center, a world-renowned center for printmaking, was established in 1953 and ran until 1986. Located in Manhattan, the Center held print classes, printed and published Limited Edition prints by leading artists of the time and produced print-based magazines and periodicals. The center was a major draw for artists all over the world including David Hockney, Lee Krasner, Ray Johnson, and Takesada Matsutani. In addition to its publishing and teaching program, Pratt Graphic Center curated print shows that traveled across the US and around the Globe.

Artists included: Trudy Benson, Geoff Chadsey, Angela Dufresne , Ray Johnson, Lee Krasner, Krystin McKinney, Lisa Sanditz

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