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Modern Japanese Prints 1900-1960: Waves of Renewal

To celebrate the Year of Japan in France, the Fondation Custodia presents an important retrospective exhibition of early twentieth-century Japanese prints.

Waves of renewal. Modern Japanese Prints 1900-1960 offers an exciting opportunity to discover, almost for the first time in France, the work of artists who bear witness to the twentieth-century modernisation of Japan. It explores the twin movements shin hanga and sōsaku hanga through more than two hundred prints, the work of about fifty artists.

The prints on show come from the Nihon no hanga museum in Amsterdam, which houses the collection built up by Elise Wessels over the past twenty-five years. The prints in the collection provide a comprehensive overview of twentieth-century Japanese art. The whole collection will be donated to the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam in a few years’ time.


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