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Memory spaces and far away places: Printed images of Dutch Mauritius, c. 1600

Le Siècle d’or, un nouvel âge d’or ? Survivances d’un mythe dans les Provinces-Unies du XVIIe siècle / The Dutch Golden Age: a new aurea ætas? The revival of a myth in the seventeenth-century Republic

International Conference
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The ambiguity of the Dutch notion of the Golden Age (gulden ou gouden eeuw), which first appears during the second part of the sixteenth century, is intriguing. It refers firstly to the golden age, as it was described by Greek and Roman authors, a mythical society that existed under the protection of Saturn, in peace and happiness and in harmony with nature. But the notion is also used by the Dutch themselves to designate the society that they were part of – or wished to be part of - , after the independence of the United Provinces from the Spanish reign. As a model of an ideal society that aimed to revive, reactivate, indeed to reinvent, the ‘aurea aetas’ functions as one of the founding myths of the emerging ‘Golden Age’. The different aspects of this myth will be explored during this international and interdisciplinary conference.

This conference is the first of a series of conferences and seminars organized in the context of the project «Un Siècle d’Or? Repenser la peinture hollandaise du XVIIe siècle», directed by Prof. Jan Blanc and funded by the Swiss Fonds national de la recherche scientifique (2017-2021).

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