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Marginale Zeichentechniken als ästhetische Strategie in der frühen Neuzeit

"Marginal drawing techniques as an aesthetic strategy in the early modern period"

This conference puts for the first time into context the rather incidentally appearing drawing techniques such as tracing, contre-proofing as well as cut-and-paste-procedures, which were notwithstanding elementary components for notable artists in the processes of brainstorming and designing. Extensive questions after differenciated functions of such motoric, experienced and mechanical drawing modes and of their creative achievement in the everyday workshop business promise so far neglected knowledge of the production of art itself, but also about its reception. Though the drawing process (as form of poiesis) can be reflected in terms of its inner rigour and furthermore the hitherto „platonically“ informed writing of art history can be enriched with an as yet displaced, but alike fundamental perspective.


1 pm Welcome by Ulrich Pfisterer (München)
Introduction by Iris Brahms (München/Köln) and Thomas Ketelsen (Köln)

Moderation: Claudia Steinhardt-Hirsch (München)

1.15 Thomas Pöpper (Zwickau): Marginale Zeichentechniken als ästhetische Strategie – der Fall und die Nachfolge Michelangelos

1.45 Robert Fucci (Amsterdam): The Mirror of Process: Counterproofs and Visual Apprehension in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Drawings

2.15 Stefano de Bosio (Berlin/Weimar): Sites of Authority: Drawings, Counterproofs and Reproductive Prints in Early Eighteenth-century France

Coffee break

Moderation: Nino Nanobashvili (München)

3.15 Federica Mancini (Paris): A Focus on some pasted Quadratura drawings held in the Prints and Drawings department of the Louvre Museum

3.45 Ilona van Tuinen (Amsterdam): Cut & Paste: Jacob Jordaens’s Creative Approach to Paper

4.15 Tamar Mayer (TelAviv): From Marginal to Central: Tracings, Collages and Grids in Jacques-Louis David’s Drawing Practices

Coffee break

Moderation: Jacqueline Klusik-Eckert (Erlangen)

5.15 Catherine H. Lusheck (San Francisco): Rubens’s Graphic Distillations

5.45 Alessia Frassani (Bologna): The Drawings of Gregorio Vázquez de Arce y Ceballos, painter of New Granada (1638-1711)

6.15 Armin Häberle (Rom): Brotkrumen – Ein Zeichenmaterial und schöpferisches Mittel? Zu Phänomenologie, Praxis und theoretischem (Nicht-)Diskurs von Auslöschungen und Überarbeitungen in Zeichnungen des 17. Jahrhunderts


Moderation: Matteo Burioni (München)
7.00 Arno Schubbach (Zürich): Zeichnen als Darstellen. Inwendige Komplexitäten in Zeichnungen
Relevant research areas: Western Europe, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th Century

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