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Magical Nature

Four artists who, at first sight, appear to be very different have one thing in common: They are fascinated by nature and highlight particular characteristics. Carl Wilhelm Kolbe (1757 – 1835) found inspiration in the countryside around Dessau for his etchings "Kräuterstücke” (herb pieces), in which he combined magnified foliage with dwarfed figures, thus amplifying the fantastic in nature.

The monumental colour woodcuts by Franz Gertsch (born 1930), too, are oversized depictions of plants, impressing the viewer with their ingenious mixture of richness of detail and abstraction.

Simone Nieweg (born 1962) explores suburban areas in her photographs and examines gardens in terms of “utilized landscapes”. Here, nature turns out to be an artificial construction.

For Natascha Borowsky (born 1964) a coastal strip near Bombay served as a fairytale forest, with branches draped with litter and fragments of various materials. Not unlike Kolbe, her photographs give rise to a cosmos in which human artefacts and nature become one.


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