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“Living in America” Artist Conversations: Yashua Klos, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, and Karen J. Revis in conversation with Yulia Topchiy (Virtual Event)

For this is your home, my friend, do not be driven from it; great men have done great things here, and will again, and we can make America what America must become. — James Baldwin

James Baldwin’s writing, over fifty years old, continues to show us how to use our imagination to see our experiences and our country in new light during times of political and social change. Join artists Yashua Klos, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, and Karen J. Revis, and in a conversation about what brings hope to America in their own work. Yashua Klos is a Chicago-born artist who uses innovative printmaking techniques to address issues of identity, race, memory, and community. Nontsikelelo Mutiti is a Zimbabwe-born visual artist and educator who elevates the practices of Black peoples through conceptual design, experimental publishing, and archiving practices. Karen J. Revis is a New York-based artist whose series REVISionary Prints explores her experience growing up in the Black community and celebrates leaders throughout African-American history. The talk will be moderated by Yulia Topchiy of Assembly Room, co-curator of Living in America.

About Living in America
Living in America: An Exhibition in Four Acts is an online and in-person exhibition curated by Assembly Room that will unfold over the course of the fall season. Organized into four thematic “acts”—Outrage, Love, Hope, and Care—Living in America explores the transformative power of art in times of crises.

Featuring artists Mildred Beltré, Vanessa German, Mark Thomas Gibson, Elektra KB, Yashua Klos, Narsiso Martinez, Azikiwe Mohammed, Nontsikelelo Mutiti, Africanus Okokon, Karen J. Revis, Swoon, William Villalongo, and Dáreece J. Walker. Living in America presents a wide range of practices and spotlights the relevance and adaptability of print formats during political upheaval and resistance. Works include conventional printmaking, mixed media incorporating found printed matter, and those informed by reproduction and dissemination. New work is shown here for the first time by Elektra KB, Yashua Klos, Azikiwe Mohammed, and Africanus Okokon, as well as a site-specific stencil installation by Nontsikelelo Mutiti.

This Zoom webinar is free and open to the public. Live captioning will be available. The event will be recorded and made available online. Feel free to send questions in advance to
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