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Leerstellen graphischer Künste – Funktion, Ästhetik und Bedeutung des nicht bezeichneten Raumes

"Blank Spaces of the Graphic Arts - Function, aesthetics and meaning of the undesignated space"

The aim of the early modern workshop is to pursue the unsigned body in its various expressions and functions as an active image-determining element. The contributions of the workshop are based on fundamental questions concerning concrete physical properties of the blank paper, semantic as well as image-theoretical differentiations of the phenomenon of the void depending on the technique and subject of the work. In doing so, the gaze focuses, among other things, on the brightness and darkness of the material nothing, as well as on atmospheric landscape spaces as open places of potential, metaphysical and artistic reflections. Furthermore, it is examined how and with what aesthetic implications in the print graphic an exemption of the figure may be due to different motivations or which gaps art-historical contemplation itself produces. Another focus of the event is the relationship between image and text (omission).


Donnerstag, 18. Januar 2018

Gerhard Wolf

Lisa Jordan und Elvira Bojilova

Moderation: Maria Aresin

Iris Brahms (Freie Universität Berlin)
Luft, Licht, Leere, Leinen, Lapsus. Konnotationspotentiale von Papier auf Zeichnungen um 1600

Heiko Damm (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)
Mut zur Lücke. Zur Ästhetik der Aussparung im zeichnerischen Werk von Luca Giordano

16:00 Pause

Moderation: Samuel Vitali

Anna Christina Schütz (Universität Stuttgart)
Himmlische Leere. Die unbezeichnete Fläche auf gezeichneten Landschaften um 1500

Huigen Leeflang (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)
The printmaker Hercules Segers and his experiments with surface and space

17:30 Pause

Moderation: Jessica Richardson

Renzo Baldasso (Arizona State University)
The Aesthetic of White in the Early Black Art

Lisa Pon (Southern Methodist University)
Blank Forms: Print, Paper, and the Invitation to Inscribe

Freitag, 19. Januar 2018

Moderation: Felix Jäger

Franz Engel (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin)
Negative Präsenz. Die Persistenz des Chaos im Bildgrund

Margareta Ingrid Christian (University of Chicago)
Luftraum: Empty Space in Riegl's Studies on the Baroque

11:00 Pause

Moderation: Irene Gilodi

Stephanie Porras (Tulane University)
Graphic absence, the excerpt and the print collection

Anja Wolkenhauer (Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen)
Die Fragilität der Medienmischung (Der Text als Leerstelle)

12:30 Pause

Besuch des Gabinetto dei Disegni e delle Stampe degli U zi (nur für Vortragende)
mit Marzia Faietti, Roberta Aliventi, Laura Da Rin Bettina, Michele Grasso und Pierluca Nardoni
Relevant research areas: Western Europe

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