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Jogja Miniprint Biennale

The 3rd Jogja International Miniprint Biennale(JIMB) 2018 jury has chosen “Message from the Matrix” as the theme of the Biennale. The theme reflects the jury’s perspective and indicates the importance of the question of character and quality in the practice of reproduction in the graphic arts, where each edition of a work is of the same quality as the original, because each edition of a print is itself an original, not a duplicate. In the vocabulary of graphic arts, matrix is another name for a physical surface where a picture which is drawn, like a woodblock, plate, stone, or screen can be reproduced in multiple quantities. It is from this point of view of that JIMB 2018 invites participants to respond to the issue of matrix, both ‘matrix’ as a term characteristic of graphic arts as well as to the philosophy of matrix itself.


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