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James Siena: Resonance Under Pressure

James Siena: Resonance Under Pressure features ten prints produced in 2018 by the artist, who is well-known for his brightly colored paintings of boldly rendered, labyrinthine forms. In these new works, Siena continues his exploration of the potential of modulation and repetition of biomorphic forms, as well as his engagement with typewritten and letterpress text as image. Siena made the works during artist-residencies at Flying Horse Editions at the University of Central Florida, Orlando; Dolphin Press & Print at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore; and the MFA Book Arts + Printmaking Program at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia.

"[The prints made at Flying Horse Editions] are also somehow about the physical representation of sound, in which circuits resonate from one to the other, and iterative waves cross the image . . . . This project is deeply fruitful for my practice in which printmaking holds an equal place with painting or drawing, and methods generate new approaches to developing a body of work that doesn’t privilege one mode over another." --James Siena

The Printer’s Perspective: Gail Deery and Alex Kirillov on James Siena
Wednesday, April 24, 6pm
Gail Deery, Professor of Printmaking, Papermaking and Book Arts and Co-Director of Dolphin Press & Print at MICA, and Alex Kirillov, Senior Lecturer, MFA Book Arts + Printmaking and Studio Art at The University of the Arts, both worked with Siena when he printed at their respective institutions. Deery and Kirillov will give a tour of the exhibition James Siena: Resonance Under Pressure from the printer’s perspective, walking through the various processes used by Siena and their students during his artist-residencies in 2018.

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