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Israel Museum, Jerusalem acquisition of my triptych: “Rumor”

I am pleased to share the The Israel Museum, Jerusalem acquisition of my triptych : Rumor, 2017, 300 x 168 cm, 120 x 67in, to it's permanent collection.
Rumor, is a significant work in my thematic and formalistic journey. It is first and foremost the expression of my continued preoccupation with the local and broader political and moral complexities, encompassing not just ethnic conflicts but the very fundaments of land, water and time. The millennia of territorial struggles; ever-present in the most rudimentary daily realities. Rumor was inspired [Or rather triggered] by a local dispute between Palestinians and Jewish settlers, over access to natural springs in the West Bank; while water rights around the world, are increasingly being weaponized as climate change destabilizes weather patterns.

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