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International Seminar – Goya: grotesque / collecting (Madrid/online 16-17 Nov 2023)

We are announcing the international seminar 'Goya: grotesco / coleccionismo', which will take place on 16-17 November 2023 in Madrid, at the Biblioteca Histórica Marqués de Valdecilla (Universidad Complutense de Madrid). The event will also be recorded and live-streamed (UCM Directo). To secure a ticket, you can register on Eventbrite:

Francisco de Goya (1746-1828) is recognised for the enormous richness and variety of his work, both in the subjects and the means he used. He worked for the Court —portrait and decorative programs— for the Church —religious painting—, as well as for private clients, without forgetting the private sphere, a favourable environment not only for cabinet paintings and engravings but also for grotesque and fantastic subjects, social criticism, humour and human tragedies. This international seminar focuses on the study of Goya's work from two themes: the grotesque and collecting, and will include the participation of leading researchers in both fields of study.

In the first part of the seminar, the grotesque-fantastic will be addressed, an issue present in Goya and inscribed in the context of the origins of Romanticism. The use of satire and caricature will be examined as an end in itself and as experimentation with visual forms, and also as a means to point out political or religious issues while avoiding censorship. The second part is dedicated to the collecting of Goya's work, particularly in France, Spain, Great Britain and the United States. The study of his paintings, drawings and engravings arose first and mainly among French critics, which stimulated the collecting of Goya’s works and, therefore, increased the demand and caused the proliferation of imitations on the market.

The purpose of this seminar is to contribute, from the proposed double approach, to the critical study of Goya's work with the presentation of recent and original research. In this way, it inserts into the debates about the artist and in the updating of his state of the question.

Thursday, 16 November: GOYA AND THE GROTESQUE

10:00 Arrival and registration of participants.

10:30 Welcome and introduction to Session 1. Chair: Juan Bordes.

11:00 MANUELA MENA (Museo Del Prado), ¿Grotesco o sublime?: Goya y su "censura de los errores y vicios humanos".

12:00 ISABELLE MORNAT (Université Gustave Eiffel, Paris), Grotesco, burlesco, esperpento: la paradoja del legado goyesco en la caricatura española del siglo XIX.

14:30 MARTIAL GUÉDRON (Université de Strasbourg), Grimacing singers & grotesque dissonances in graphic satire.

15:30 LAURENT BARIDON (Université de Lyon), Entre texte et image, ironie et onirisme : Goya et les dessinateurs satiriques français.

17:00 ANDREW SCHULZ (University of Arizona), Listening to the Grotesque.

18:00 Round table and Q&A with all the speakers.

20:00 Reception at Espacio SOLO (by invitation).

Friday, 17 November: COLLECTING GOYA

10:00 Arrival and registration of participants.

10:30 Welcome and introduction to Session 2. Chair: Amaya Alzaga (UNED).

11:00 JANIS TOMLINSON (University of Delaware), Un siglo de coleccionismo de Goya en los Estados Unidos: 1913-2013.

12:00 VIRGINIA ALBARRÁN (Patrimonio Nacional), De Goyas que son Esteves.

14:30 REVA WOLF (University of New York New Paltz), Three Early Collectors of Goya, One Common Thread.

15:30 JOSÉ IGNACIO CALVO (Fundación Goya en Aragón), Pioneros en el coleccionismo de obras de Goya (siglo XIX).

16:30 Round table and Q&A with all the speakers. Final remarks.

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