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iMprint iv Exhibition

iMprint exists to disseminate appreciation and awareness of original printmaking as an artistic medium. It has established itself as Malta’s only exhibition dedicated to showcasing original prints by some of the best Maltese artists and foreign printmakers. Founded by Jesmond Vassallo in 2013, iMprint has now become a biennial appointment which is eagerly awaited by Malta’s artists and public.

This year’s fourth edition of iMprint presents a treat to its enthusiastic audience with a once in a lifetime opportunity to see in Malta the works of the renowned post-war German artist Horst Janssen whose works can be found in major museums worldwide, loaned for the exhibition by Janssen’s family. He worked exclusively on paper and experimented with a number of printing techniques. Janssen’s work is at the same time full of life and dark, erotic and sentimental, enigmatic and relatable. Visitors will be able to appreciate his originality in style and method in around 30 works at this year’s iMprint.

Another highlight of the exhibition will be a collection of prints by one of Malta’s pioneers of modern art Frank Portelli, a contemporary of Janssen. His paintings are well known to local art lovers, but few know he was a very good printmaker.

Twenty-eight contemporary artists will also exhibit their original prints, showing that printmaking is a favoured medium among local artists. This exhibition is the only outlet that many of these professional printmakers have to showcase their excellent works.

A catalogue with essays and exhibit entries will accompany the exhibition.

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