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Illustrating a New Rome: The Parasole Family Woodcut Industry

The Parasole family included painters and printmakers who, working at the margins of fame, adapted their skills and made professional connections that engaged them in almost every new major printmaking enterprise involving illustrations in Counter-Reformation Rome, from handwriting manuals, to exegetical texts, and music printing. This talk aims to characterize the variety of their projects with a focus on the family's strong personal and professional networks, through which they participated fully in the continually changing opportunities of Roman printing and publishing.

Dr. Evelyn Lincoln is Professor of History of Art and Architecture and Professor of Italian Studies at Brown University. Her scholarship focuses on the early modern printed image and its role in the creation of artistic, literary, scientific, and religious networks. She has written widely on prints and illustrated books with a particular focus on Italy; her most recent book is »Brilliant Discourse: Pictures and Readers in Early Modern Rome« (Yale University Press, 2014).
Relevant research areas: Western Europe, Baroque, Relief printing

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