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Ideal: RISO Group Show

Reception and free riso printing demo: Friday, September 16th, 6-8pm.

Digital duplicators were originally designed for cost efficient single color high-volume print jobs like flyers, diner menus, business cards, and religious pamphlets. As commercial print shops began to retire these 80's and 90's machines, artists and graphic designers adopted them as affordable means of producing multiples. They embraced the duplicators' quirks, imperfections and limited color palettes. Risograph is the most popular brand of duplicators. In the past decade, countless print studios, artists, and publishers have created incredible artwork using the Risograph. Zygote is happy to present an exhibition of contemporary artists and publishers using Risograph duplicators to produce fine art editions and artist books.

Artists: ANEMONE, Rachel Delmotte, Genderfail, Henry Gepfer, Issue Press, Sabrina Lau, Julia Schimautz, Secret Riso Club, Taxonomy Press, Travis Shaffer, Tiny Splendor Press

Organized by Anna Tararova
Relevant research areas: Contemporary, Digital printmaking

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