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Graphic Satire and the UK in the Long Nineteenth Century

This one-day symposium, convened by two University of Nottingham colleagues, Professor Fintan Cullen (History of Art) and Dr Richard A Gaunt (History), seeks to interrogate the nature of the United Kingdom’s status as a global power in the long nineteenth century (c.1780-1920) by considering the varied ways in which it was viewed, and represented, in graphic satire during this period.

The speakers range from young to established scholars who will visit Nottingham from other parts of the UK, Ireland, Poland, Germany and Australia. Their papers will consider the UK’s global relationships from the perspective of the constituent parts of the UK (most especially England and Ireland) and from overseas, reflecting upon issues of race, gender, nationhood and ethnicity across the period in question.

Keynote speaker:
Professor Brian Maidment (Liverpool John Moores University)

Dr Allison Stagg (Freie Universitat Berlin)
Dr Matthew Potter (Northumbria University)
Dr Carly Hegenbarth (independent researcher, UK)
Dr Pawel Hamera (Pedagogical University of Cracow, Poland)
Professor Peter Gray (Queen's University Belfast)
Dr Emily Mark-FitzGerald (University College Dublin)
Dr Richard Scully (University of New England, Australia)
Professor Lesley Milne (University of Nottingham)

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