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Graphic Pull: Contemporary Prints from the Collection

Graphic Pull: Contemporary Prints from the Collection highlights numerous printmaking techniques from the Nasher Museum’s collection with works dating from the 1970s to today. Woodcuts, etchings, screenprints, digital prints and lithographs are included, as well as conceptual prints and non-traditional methods. The exhibition explores how contemporary artists have continued to use this age-old graphic form, which began as prehistoric handprints on cave walls, while also expanding on its processes and definitions. Whether pulled from a press or printed on fabric, these works emphasize the irresistible qualities of the print medium that have made it an effective means of artistic expression for millennia.

Artists include Hurvin Anderson, Judith F. Baca, Camille Billops, Mark Bradford, Roger Brown, Bruce Conner, David Driskell, the Guerrilla Girls, Grayson Perry, Colin Quashie, The Bruce High Quality Foundation, Barthélémy Toguo and Xu Bing, among others.

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