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Full-Time Faculty Position in Printmaking, Fashion Institute of Technology

The Fine Arts Department provides the technical, experimental, and conceptual foundations of contemporary artistic expression and discourse, to guide aspiring visual practitioners -students passionate about their work and curious about ideas-to become bold innovators and skilled arts professionals, committed and ready to participate in building a meaningful 21st century creative community.

The Fine Arts Department seeks an artist in printmaking. The ideal candidate will be capable of teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced undergraduate printmaking courses in intaglio, lithography, relief, screen print and digital technologies. Additional skills and teaching abilities in design, drawing, painting and/or photography are desired. The candidate must also possess the ability to leverage a strong foundation in traditional artistic skill and practice as a platform for more divergent thinking and innovation. We are open to hybrid forms of creative and interdisciplinary inquiry that will connect to other units in the Fine Arts Department and College. The ideal candidate must also have an established exhibition record and teaching experience at the college level.

The successful candidate should be a team-oriented leader who will play an active role with the Fine Arts Department in terms of curriculum development, facility management, and student mentorship, as well as cross-disciplinary collaboration throughout the College.

Successful candidates will excel in the following areas:

Possess an understanding of how to guide students with varied beliefs, backgrounds, and values within a multicultural global society.
Demonstrate ability to share extensive knowledge of art history in both Western and non-Western contexts, as well as current practices, approaches, and movements in the contemporary art world.
Instructional Design

Demonstrate ability to implement the newly redesigned printmaking and drawing curriculum, educating students in both figurative and non-objective modalities within an integrated Fine Arts program.
Serve as a strong contributor to curricular assessment and development.
Demonstrate commitment to student centeredness with active participation in student work reviews, and the ability to offer productive verbal feedback, assessment, and counseling.

Learning Enrichment

Demonstrate a passion for teaching, and the ability to inspire interest, curiosity, and creativity in students.
Demonstrate ability to utilize a variety of instructional delivery systems, including various mediated sources that foster critical thinking and problem solving in students.
Enrich the learning experience by creating opportunities for students to engage with professional artist, New York's museums and galleries, and the broader art world.
Incorporate interdisciplinary approaches to teaching into the Fine Arts learning environment.
Contribute to the ongoing success of students by offering mentorship advisement for clubs and activities, and counseling for students regarding their future careers.


Demonstrate as a committed artist, pursuit of creative work with an active studio practice and exhibition record.
Demonstrate a superior level of knowledge with regard to printmaking and drawing skills, materials, and techniques.
Demonstrate ability to teach all levels of printmaking and drawing to undergraduate students.
Demonstrate collaboration and team player qualities, with the ability to perform administrative and committee service with the Fine Arts Department, the School of Art and Design and the College.


Demonstrate familiarity with specific technology and software relevant to Fine Arts.
Demonstrate ability to work with FIT's safety officer as well as the department chair in areas of health and safety, encouraging safe and sustainable practices related to printmaking.

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