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From Brayer to Brush: Hand-colored Woodcuts by Jim Sherraden

From Brayer to Brush: Hand-Colored Prints by Jim Sherraden will feature the artist's woodcut quilt pieces – "I carve my own woodblocks and print them and then cut that paper, mixing and matching, into quilt/tile/textile-like patterns either traditional or those of my own design. Watercolor is applied after the final assembly." Sherraden grew up in Salina, Kansas, then went to Nashville in 1977. There he completed his university studies, which included a strong education in printmaking. From this foundation, he managed the letterpress print shop Hatch Show Print, beginning in 1984 until 2013, overseeing its transition from a cultural survivor to a widely recognized graphic design icon and destination for letterpress enthusiasts. In 2005, Sherraden returned to carving his own woodcuts, continuing the work that first led him to Hatch Show Print over 30 years earlier. Six years later he began creating wooden quilts and then paper quilts the subsequent year. For these works of art, the artist readily cuts up his own printed pieces, mixing and matching them on single and multi-dimensional surfaces. There are 38 of Sherraden's intricate but large-scale collaged works on display, plus a variety of small woodcut prints are also available for sale.
Relevant research areas: North America, Contemporary, Relief printing

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