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Form, Growth, and Variation: The Experimental Prints of Helen Phillips

The California born sculptress Helen Phillips found printmaking in the 1930s like many artists—at Stanley William Hayter's Atelier 17 in Paris. Though she remained primarily a sculptor throughout her life, this exhibition chronicles her body of intaglio work. Beginning with her early, transformative years in Paris, through her move to New York—when she also became a mother in the 1940s—and back to Paris in the 1950s where she produced her most daring work in color, the prints of Helen Phillips in this exhibition showcase her constant affinity to three dimensions, her growth in the medium, and her experimentation in line and color.

'Form, Growth, and Variation' is the first solo exhibition of Helen Phillips’s work in the United States, and has been made possible by the Estate of Helen Phillips and the Dolan/Maxwell gallery in Philadelphia, PA.

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