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First Impressions: Curator’s Choice

Do first impressions illuminate or deceive? This inaugural exhibition by new Turner curator Dr. Rachel Skokowski explores the unexpected connections and serendipitous surprises that emerge when coming to a collection with fresh eyes.

Through the juxtaposition of prints by familiar names and new faces—spanning time, geography, and technique—this selection celebrates the breadth of the Turner collection and evokes the playful possibilities of rifling through a drawer in the archive.

At first glance, echoes and symmetries in color, line, and composition immediately stand out. Yet there is always more than meets the eye. Chance encounters reveal deeper links running through the collection: prints as political and social commentary, respect for the fragility of the natural world or the human body, a meditation on the forces of luck and fate in our lives.

Ultimately, First Impressions encourages looking beyond the surface, and perhaps even returning for a second or third impression.

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