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Douglas Sell Fellowship at Shoestring Press

The Douglas Sell Fellowship at Shoestring Press is open to artists in all disciplines.

During this one-month fellowship, the participating artist will enjoy full membership at Shoestring Press and work in collaboration with the Master Printer to produce a body of work which uses printmaking as an integral facet of the artist’s project. Projects may range from the production of a traditional print edition to performance, film, social practice, or other manner of work, but should emphasize using the unique capabilities and resources of our printshop, studio, gallery/performance space, and artistic community.

Project proposals should emphasize the technical and conceptual importance of printmaking processes to the artist’s intentions and the project’s goals.

Subjects of particular interest for this fellowship include print culture in American social history, the history of landscape, natural resource management and environmental policy, popular music movements in the state of Michigan, and twentieth century Mid-Western avant gardes in the visual and performing arts. These should not be viewed as strict guidelines, but a melange of possibilities drawn from the life of Douglas Sell, whose memory this fellowship honors.

The selected artist should expect to learn and develop processes and procedures with the Master Printer, and to be involved as the primary maker in the physical and technical aspects of the project. A budget of $500 is provided for materials and assistants as needed. The Master Printer’s time and the benefits of membership at Shoestring Press are included gratis as part of the fellowship. Additional costs will be the responsibility of the resident.

A complete application must include:

Artist CV/Resume

Artist Statement

Project Proposal detailing the importance of printmaking, technique, and multiple originals to the aims of the project

2 Professional References

Up to five work samples, which may include images of finished work, preliminary materials, sound recordings of up to 5 minutes, and video recordings of up to 2 minutes

A preliminary project budget

Please email all application materials to, subject heading “Douglas Sell Fellowship.”

Fellowship will be scheduled at the mutual convenience of the artist and Master Printer, between January 15, 2018 and November 1, 2018. The material products of the fellowship, whether a formal print edition, a series of multiple originals, ephemera, or other items, will be divided between Shoestring Press and the artist.

Fellows may provide for their own housing over the course of the residency, or they may be provided a private room in the Master Printer’s Brooklyn home for $600 for the length of the residence.

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