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Dan Welden: Aesop’s Fables

One exhibition, two shows, by Dan Welden divided in separate venues are being shown during the month of October. Noteworthy, the work consists primarily of “Mirror Images” based upon 50 year old large, resurrected, oxidized, corroded zinc plates.
Evolving from natures activity on the zinc, through salt air, raccoon urine and whatever else effected the metal, the 11 sets, (making 22 pried apart plates) provided a foundation for the artist to conceive its visual potential.

Known primarily as being the innovator of photopolymer printmaking, Dan Welden returned to his roots as a fledgling etcher with his ingenious use of a handmade auger as a drypoint tool, and a copper sulfate etch. The combination along with his imagination provided the artistic enhancement with the backdrop of his partner with “Nature”. This highly unique series, entitled “Aesop’s Fables” was conceived through the opposite characters created by the Greek Slave. The abstract images of the Grasshopper and the Ant along with the many other images are being exhibited from October 1-28 at the Ink-Shop Printmaking Center in Ithaca, New York while simultaneously being shown at The New Arts Program in Kutztown, Pennsylvania until December 17th.
Relevant research areas: North America, Contemporary, Etching

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