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Damien Deroubaix. Hier vloekt men niet/Ici, on ne jure pas

Damien Deroubaix’s artistic practice features a great diversity of forms and techniques: oil painting, watercolour, engraving, tapestry, wooden panel carving, but also sculpture and installation. This variety combines with highly eclectic references, often cohabiting in his works in a spirit that is reminiscent of iconoclastic Dada montages. Motifs from medieval danses macabres mingle with evocations of tragic chapters from modern history; topical images are juxtaposed with mythology and folklore; the history of art and the metal music scene collide. His paintings are openly expressionist, often making reference to apocalyptic themes, and perhaps this is what makes them so timeless.

The exhibition presents large-format wooden dies and a hundred prints by Damien Deroubaix, in resonance with works from the collection as well as with historical engravings by Dürer, Ensor, Picasso ... who have marked the artist.

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