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Crossing Boundaries & Breaking Borders: DMV Printmaking

The District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia (DMV) region is full of boundaries and borders, both physical—like the state lines that divide these artists—and imagined—political ideology, economic class, gender identity, religious belief. These boundaries delineate spaces, groups, ideas, and more, but they are easily walked over, pushed through, and broken down. Furthermore, the artists featured in Crossing Boundaries and Breaking Borders: DMV Printmaking also question, push, and break down the traditional notions of what printmaking is as a technique, how it can be used, and how printmaking can be defined.

Danqi Cai, Brigitte Caramanna, Eric Celarier, Justyne Fischer, Jenny Freestone, Aziza Claudia Gibson-Hunter, Maggie Gourlay, Amelia Hankin, Mimi Herbert, Marty Ittner, Nilou Kazemzadeh, Brian Kirk, Lauren G. Koch, Jun Lee, Pete Morelewicz, Gretchen Schermerhorn, Gail Shaw-Clemons, Terry Svat, and R.L. Tillman

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