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Contact: Art and the Pull of Print, Lecture 5: “Interference”

The material and spatial changes of the printmaking process and their social and conceptual implications will be discussed in this lecture series.

The layering of images in printmaking, especially when grids and regular linework are involved, often results in the emergence of interference or moiré patterns. While printers usually work hard to keep these disruptive eruptions at bay, some artists have cultivated them, allowing unruly patterns to emerge from the combination of seemingly rational image layers. Moiré patterns also bring printmaking into conversation with the sound arts, which are built on the same waves, frequencies, and beats that are used to describe print interference.

Each lecture will premiere at the date and time listed on the Contact: Art and the Pull of Print web page and will remain there for public viewing. These programs are free and open to the public and designed for anyone interested in art and art history. No art or art history background is required. Ages 18 and up. No registration is required.

For more information and to access the lecture upon release please visit the external link below.

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