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CONF: The End of Architectural Drawings? Representation and Construction in the 20th and the 21st Century (Rome, 21-23 Nov 18)

In the last decades, the far-reaching diffusion of electronic data processing instruments seems to have supplanted traditional methods of manual drawing and three-dimensional architectural model making. The capturing, planning and visualization of objects and buildings appears to be positively dominated by digital technologies and semi-automatic production methods, ranging from parametric and algorithmic modelling systems and digital recording tools to interactive animations and automatic 2D and 3D printing.

In view of these extensive and pervasive technological developments which appear to highlight an epochal and seemingly irreversible change, the question arises as to whether these new means of representation also reveal an inherent change in the forms of knowledge or, rather, if they do not simply adopt manual and conceptual conventions derived from the architectural drawing tradition. Notably, in the context of construction sites, the communication between the executing and the planning party continues to be linked to the graphical projection, following practices that have been essentially unchanged for centuries.


Wednesday, 21.11.2018

15:00 Tristan Weddigen, Rom: Begrüßung

15:10 Vitale Zanchettin, Rom/Venedig: Introduzione

Moderation: Elisabeth Kieven, Rom/Osnabrück

15:30 Maria Malvina Borgherini, Venedig: Sull’instabilità del segno. Tangenze e scollamenti tra disegno analogico e disegno digitale

16:10 Andreas Nierhaus, Wien: Pencil Points und Pixel. Zur Geschichte und Theorie des (digitalen) Renderings


Moderation: Maria Bremer, Rom

17:20 Anja Neuefeind, Aachen: Smart Sketching

18:00 Krupali A. Uplekar Krusche, Notre Dame (IN): New drawings of the Vatican Belvedere -Reviving the Lost Art of Drawing in the Digital Age


Krupali A. Uplekar Krusche: New drawings of the Vatican Belvedere

Thursday, 22.11.2018

Moderation: Tatjana Bartsch, Rom

9:30 Peter Schmid, Muenchen: Aufgabe Zeichenunterricht: Konzepte zum Architekturzeichnen, 1868-2018

10:10 Elisabeth Essaian, Paris-Belleville: Representation tools: replacement or hybridization? The making of the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi: Enseignement Partagés


Moderation: Tod Marder, Rom/New Jersey

11:20 Adrienne Costa, Toulouse: The Section as a Modality for Designing Architectural Space

12:00 Luca Di Lorenzo, Venedig: Axonometric Projection in the Age of Instant Communication: A Generational Theory

12:40 Samuel Stewart-Halevy, New York: A Provisional History of the Architectural Shortcut


Moderation: Anne Scheinhardt, Rom

14:40 Ole W. Fischer, Salt Lake City (UT): Analogue parametric design?
Notes on the performative drawing techniques of Eisenman and Cohen

15:20 Desley Luscombe, Sydney: The role of the body in architectural representation: Zaha Hadid‘s paintings 1983-2003

16:00 Sophie Elaine Wolf, Innsbruck: Drawing the Metaphysics of Architecture: L.O.M.O.


Moderation: Vitale Zanchettin

17:00 Robert Patz, Berlin: Körperdenken im Virtuellem Raum

17:40 Hana Gruendler, Florenz: The Handedness of Thinking

Friday, 23.11.2018

Moderation: Marco De Michelis, Mailand/Venedig

9:30 Round Table
Relevant research areas: Western Europe, 20th Century, Contemporary

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