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CONF: New Geographies of Visual Satire (Oxford, 15 Jun 18)



9.00 Welcome: Ros Holmes and Julia Langbein

Session 1: Rethinking Graphic Satire

9.30 Tom Wilkinson (Warburg Institute): Zombie Daumier: The Reanimation of Satirical Prints During German Inflation
9.50 Alexandra Trott (Oxford Brookes): La Société du Bon Bock: Caricature, Beer and the Franco-Prussian War
10.10 Oliver O’Donnell (Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz Max-Planck-Institut): Wit, Humor, and Satire in illustrations to Shaftesbury’s Characteristicks

Session 2: Visual Satire and Image Circulation

11.30 Paul Bevan (Oxford): Miguel Covarrubias and the Impact of his Work on the Artists of Shanghai
11.50 Tracy Bonfitto (Curator, Harry Ransom Center, UT Austin): Ethnographic Satire or “Shared Experience?”: Miguel Covarrubias’ Balinese Drawings
12:10 Flair Donglai Shi (Oxford): “Yellow Peril Reincarnate”: The Locust as Visual Satire in Sinophone Hong Kong

Session 3: Problems in Contemporary Visual Satire

14.00 Margareta Wallin Wictorin (Karlstad University): Visual Satire in Feminist Comics: Digital Collage and the Handmade
14.20 Dieter Declercq (University of Kent): Satire, Truth and Therapy
14.40 Chihab El Khachab (Oxford): Remediation and Translation in Egyptian Digital Caricatures

16.00 Roundtable discussion with Dr. Richard Taws (UCL)

17.00 Drinks reception in the exhibition space

(No registration required)

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