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CONF: “Netherlandish Art and the World – A Conference on Global Art History” (Utrecht, 25-27 Oct 2018)

The art of the Early Modern Netherlands was a global art in various dimensions. Paintings and prints were made for worldwide export; artists depicted foreign rarities; applied arts from Asia were imported on an industrial scale. Famous masters stood out for their interest in remote traditions, from Vermeer’s Chinese porcelain to Rembrandt’s Mughal miniatures and Rubens’s engagement with the worldwide Jesuit mission. This conference identifies and addresses some of the challenges and opportunities that Global Art History offers for the Low Countries.

Seating is limited. If you want to participate please contact


A sampling of papers on prints:

Rembrandt in Japan/Rembrandt on Japan
Akira Kofuku (National Museum of Western Art, Tokyo)

Flemish Prints in Mughal Albums
Ebba Koch (University of Vienna)

Did Rembrandt Copy those Mughal Miniatures for Himself – or for Someone Else?
Gary Schwartz (Independent Scholar, Maarssen)

The ‘Chinoiserie’ Prints of Pieter Schenk I and II as Sources for Dutch Interiors in Chinese Style, c. 1710-1740
Gert-Jan Janse (Utrecht University)

China and Europe, Original and Copy, Narrative and Fiction: Chinoiserie Prints at the Saxon Court
Cordula Bischoff (Technische Universität Dresden)


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