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CONF: Disegnare l’antico, riproporre l’antico nel Cinquecento (Padua, 21-23 Jun 18)

"Drawing the antique" implies a specific graphic approach, but also a particular type of collection based on materials that are subject to different uses and functions. “Re-interpreting the antique” refers to the translation of the ancient world in the modern allusive language of assimilation. The combination of these actions generates many questions that deserve to be addressed. This international symposium aims to present ongoing research on these topics and to explore new hypothesis on the history of collecting and on the use of ancient sources by the artists of the circle of Raphael, as well as by artists belonging to the later tradition which matured within the academies. The contributions presented by scholars of classical art and of the Renaissance will offer a productive overview based on the interaction between these fields of research that too often are kept separated. Girolamo da Carpi – painter, prolific draftsman copying from both the ancient and the modern sources, and also architect – provides an excellent study case to prove the importance of this interdisciplinary approach. The research group involved in this international symposium was put together thanks to a specific project promoted by the University of Padua (SID 2016) and is also working on the preparation of an exhibition scheduled for summer 2019.


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