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CONF: Current Perspectives on Comic Research (Cologne, 11 Apr – 11 Jul 2018)

The lecture series "Aktuelle Perspektiven der Comicforschung," organized by Dr. Stephan Packart and Dr. Véronique Sina, will take place during the spring and summer of 2018.

Lectures will address some of the most influential and promising research methods in contemporary media culture on comic media. It thus introduces these methods as well as the comprehensive investigation of a medial form.

In addition to fundamental approaches such as multimodality, semiotics, and image theory, the various professional perspectives that illuminate the comic include individual participation and fan culture research, art history and science, and approaches to intersectionality research, as well as computer-aided and cognitive-scientific methods for analyzing the subject Comics. But also the cultural diversity of the comic book is reflected in lectures on manga research, digitization and aspects of graphic medicine.

The lectures will take place every Wednesday from 6-8 pm at the Institut für Medienkultur und Theater, Universität zu Köln, Hörsaal B (Gebäude 105), Universitätsstraße 35, 50931 Köln.

LECTURES -----------
Stephan Packard (Cologne) and Véronique Sina (Cologne)
Introduction to current perspectives of Comic Research

Stephan Packard (Cologne)
Divided body, hybrid spaces: To semiotics of comics

Janina Wildfeuer (Bremen)
Semantics in comics. For media-linguistic and multi-modal analysis of visual narratives

Gabriele von Glasenapp (Cologne) and Felix Giesa (Cologne)
In the picture. Comics as children literary genus

Lukas RA Wilde (Tübingen)
Between remediation and Inter Media: The digital comic as a challenge

Alexander Dunst (Paderborn)
Mouse and machines: Graphic Narrative in the age of digital research

Sophie Einwächter (Marburg) and Vanessa Ossa (Tübingen)
Conflict and Cooperation: A Fan Studies perspective on Rezipierende and Produzent_innen of comic worlds

Jan-Noël Thon (Nottingham)
To Narratologie of Comics

Irmela Marei Kruger Fürhoff (Berlin)
Illness Narratives in comics: aesthetic and socio-political aspects of the, Graphic Medicine '

Véronique Sina (Cologne)
Comics and intersectionality: on differential over the mesh and identity-categories in the sequential art
→ NOTE: The appointment will take place in Auditorium I (Building 101)!

Ekaterini Kepetzis (Cologne) and Nina Heindl (Cologne)
Pictorial narrative - iconography - reception aesthetics. Possibilities of art historical access to the medium of comics

Edwin Paul Wieringa (Cologne)
Paradise Lost: The decolonization of Indonesia in two Dutch graphic stories

Stephan Koehn (Cologne)
Manga - fluid signs, fluid media? Specifics of a narrative

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