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Collage & Assemblage Workshop in Ghana

Artifacts collected from the streets and markets of Ghana will be transformed into evocative 2-dimensional collages and 3-dimensional assemblages. Collage and assemblage are excellent ways to explore Ghana and express your own creative instinct. The resulting combination of materials affords the opportunity to create new meanings by recombining objects, both cherished and banal with glue, nails, wire and ingenuity to make thoughtful works of art. Through this process we can find a new way to look at the elements themselves as well as profile the culture as a whole.

The 2 week workshop will take place at Aba House in Nungua, a fishing village in a suburb of Accra. down the road, fishermen carve boats from whole trees and we can see them fishing out in the ocean all day and night. Nungua has become an artists’ colony perhaps because of its proximity to Accra. There are potters, fantasy coffin makers, art galleries, and drummers. There are also market women, teachers, seamstresses and all the other citizens you find in any city. The beaches attract tourists and on the weekend, the live music at the nightclub pulls in a good crowd.

Aba House is a clay house with a thatched roof and the only mosaic murals this side of Accra. It is a cultural and guest house.There are 8 guest rooms with attached private baths. Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc (CCC, INC) is a non-profit educational organization that promotes cultural exchange and understanding. At the core of CCC’s mission is the belief that interaction between African and non-African artists enriches the creativity of everyone. Breaking down stereotypical thinking leads to lasting friendships and an appreciation not only other cultures but one’s own as well.

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Relevant research areas: Africa, Contemporary

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