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Cloudy Boy w/ Clouds, new monotypes by Brad Kahlhamer

Cloudy Boy w/ Clouds, an exhibition of Kahlhamer’s new monotypes, will be on exhibition in the Highpoint gallery this fall, opening reception Friday, November 4th, 2022.

Brad Kahlhamer returned to the Highpoint Editions pro shop for two weeks this summer! Kahlhamer’s newest monotypes represent an array of techniques from his artistic practice: watercolor, spray paint and airbrush, stencils, and include a cadre of recurring characters who appear throughout his nearly 30-year career, Ugh and Cloudy Boy, among many unnamed others. The icons and themes in his work are born of a deliberate longtime practice – an almost life philosophy – of "yondering," a term Kahlhamer coined for nomadic wandering and pondering through his writing and drawing.

Kahlhamer splits the year between two homes, one in Mesa and one in New York City, locales that hold rich meaning and influence for him, having grown up in both areas as a child and a young adult. Through his art, he reflects on his tripartite identity – Native American heritage, adoptive German-American family, and adult life in the Lower East Side, interpreting an existence in “the third place”: a place in between. Kahlhamer is always working out a sense of existential fluidity, examining his own movement through space, both in the landscape of the physical world and an imaginary but no less real inner landscape influenced by historical, cultural and personal narrative.

Journeying and collecting and constructing still inhabit his current work, whether sculptures or works on paper. Kahlhamer has become a master worldbuilder, dreaming up and chronicling every piece of a ++ sky universe ++ .

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