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CFP: “The New Print: Marriage of Technology and Tradition”

The Journal of the California Society of Printmakers is presently soliciting proposals for the 2018 issue, entitled “The New Print: Marriage of Technology and Tradition.” We are interested in why printmakers in any field choose this combination and how new technology stimulates ideas. What is the new technology? What is traditional? We also want to focus on process, including methods and materials.

We would like proposals by print artists such as yourselves and are also seeking recommendations of artists (including their website) who could contribute to this topic. Artists are invited to write their own articles, or we will provide an editor to facilitate. We are also interested in any writer who wishes to partner with an artist in writing an article. Articles should be 800-1700 words, with accompanying pictures.

Deadline for proposals: August 28, 2017
- How your article will address the theme outline or short narrative
- Website showing work or 5 jpegs
- Artist bio with contact information
- Be sure you provide a 3-4 line summary and pictures relating to the focus of the article so we can judge everyone fairly.

Deadline for finished articles: November 1, 2017

You can send the proposal to

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