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CFP: “The Act of Becoming an Image, 1430-1530” (Cologne, 2-3 Nov 18)

The workshop discussion will deal with content production and reception mechanisms within visual media of the 15th and early 16th century. The central theme is the process of becoming image, so the question is how the idea and transmitted inventio of the artist into the picture and, above all, as anyone can see how the image of this transfer process. we want to pursue as part of the workshop discussion and examine it, the artists give what specific role the creative process and its visualization this question.

Pliny d. Ä. postulated in the 35th book of natural history, that is why more would admire the unfinished works of the artist, "because you [liniamenta] and even the considerations [cogitations] the artist sees in them left behind sketches and because of the pain of the hand, the solidified during the creation, incites to higher compliance. "this is illustrated by the sketches and signatures, which the artist offered to work impartially the opportunity to experiment and change the concept of the image because he did not expect that these drawings become visible again after various layers of paint were applied over it. By Infrarotreflektographien we can understand the intentions and thoughts of the genesis today and make fruitful for questions on the relationship between material form and invention of the artist.

But not only in secret to creative work processes reveal, but they can be aware disclosed by the artists in both autonomous drawings as well as paintings by visualization of materials and technology. This theming of the design process can, that's the basic premise of the workshop discussion, be understood as an artistic display of self-assurance that is able to differentiate between imagination, vision and reality. This is especially evident in the image issues where no prevailing convention exists (end time motives, fantasy figures, visions, etc. visions.) And must be reinvented again and again. Essential elements of this practice are random, experiment and chaos - categories which, although clearly spelled out in art theoretical discussion, but were so far rather little studied as an artistic strategy of creating an image and becoming image example of specific cases.

The workshop discussion is where this desideratum and examined both the postulated intellectual standards of the design process, as well as the visualization on process, accidental and experimenter.

Articles on the following topics and issues are planned or desired:
- genesis and image development
- chance and experiment as artistic practice
- drawing / sketch / design as a transfer medium of an idea
- drawing as successive realization / opening up a theme
- creativity and creativity as an art theoretical concepts
- act of creating an image as a perception and image critical reflection
- Visualization of the design process as an artistic strategy and aesthetic principle

Workshop on current research or sketches of ideas for future projects are much desired as post suggestions of young scientists. The contributions can be held in German or English. Interested persons are invited to an abstract of the mentioned or related subjects for a 25-30 minute presentation including a short CV to send to 04/29/2018 to the following people (max 3000 characters.): Kathrin Borgers, MA ( ) and Dr. Jeannet Hommers ( )

Travel and accommodation costs can be covered. The venue is the University of Cologne (main building, Albertus-Magnus-Platz, 50923 Cologne). the meeting of equality means the Faculty of Arts, University of Cologne is encouraged.

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