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CFP: Pasados: Recovering History, Imagining Latinidad

Pasados: Recovering History, Imagining Latinidad
Call for Papers

We are delighted to invite submissions for a new journal, Pasados: Recovering History, Imagining Latinidad. Published by the University of Pennsylvania Press and in collaboration with the Recovering the U.S.-Hispanic Literary Heritage Project, Pasados is an open access, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to scholarship on the long history of Latinx literature and culture, with a special focus on questions related to archival recovery. It centers scholarly inquiry on pre-1980s Latinx literary and cultural histories, extending from the colonial era through the twentieth century. Along with scholarly essays, we encourage submissions across a range of formats and approaches, including translations, teaching aids, bibliographies, reviews of archival sites, and forum/dossier proposals.
Appearing twice annually beginning in Spring 2023, Pasados will highlight decolonial and other theoretical approaches to Latinx archives, historically-informed pedagogies, and praxis-based recovery work, both in academic and non-academic spaces. The journal will provide a venue for scholars to build upon and extend existing approaches to this interdisciplinary field, while also acting as a forum for new theoretical, methodological and analytical insights into the histories and archival knowledges of Latinx literature and culture. Pasados will be of interest to academics, libraries and associations, national and local public institutions, community activists and organizers, and readers interested in Latinx studies.

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