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CFP: Grafica d’Arte, Issues for 2018

"Graphic Arts", ancient and modern engraving History Magazine and History of Design (2018)

Director: Paolo Bellini
Ed. Edi.Artes, Milan

Description Revista:
Our magazine, "Graphic Arts", was founded in 1990 by Paolo Bellini, for years a professor of History of Engraving at the Catholic University of Milan and still director of Ā«Art EditionĀ»; annually we publish 4 issues (each of 52 pages), interspersed with four supplements - "The Eye in the sign" (each of 32 pages), disseminated only by subscription (EUR 59 for Italy).

Contents of the possible contributions:
The Journal calls for papers related to the following research areas:

A. Aspects of the history of engraving and drawing from the fifteenth to the twentieth century, with particular interest in the contributions of individual iconographic arguments or historical-artistic discoveries.
B. Italian and contemporary graphic art: contributions of individual artists, on particular issues of series of works on schools.
C. Relationship between graphic art and science subjects inspired to geology, natural phenomena.

The contributions, written in Italian, must be unpublished and will be sent in .docx format, or PDF, to by April 30, 2018. In the above mentioned email you must send five separate files:

1) Text of the contribution (in this file does not use the automatic control of the notes, but manually enter the note numbers in the text, placing them in superscript).
2) Notes.
3) The captions of the works cited (name and surname, title, technique, year, any location).
4) The images (in TIFF format, possibly in Photoshop, with a minimum resolution of 300px and a minimum base of cm. 12).
5) the author of the contribution data. full name, affiliation, curriculum (which will not exceed 4,000 characters), Mail address, and street address.
The maximum length of texts relating to the area A is 15,000 characters (including spaces and notes included); the maximum length of texts related to the area B is 12,000 characters (including spaces and notes included).

Evaluation process:
The results of the evaluation will be announced by 30 October 2018.
Each contribution will be evaluated anonymously by two experts of the sector, which is why the text should not contain any reference identifier the same author.

The meeting publication of each text will be evaluated based on the scientific interest.

At the end of the evaluation, each author will be notified if your entry is:
- publishable
- publishable with slight modifications (which will be indicated)
- publishable with substantial changes
- not publishable

For an anticipated communication and argument for any doubts, you can contact

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