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CFP: Duerer-Vortraege 2018 – Nuernberg in Waffen (Nuernberg, 13 Oct 18)

2018 Lecture on Dürer: "Nuremberg weapons. Dürer's work as a source of weapons and costume design" ---------------------------

The annual "Dürer Lectures" have become an internationally acclaimed event since 2002. They are organized jointly by the Cultural Department of the city of Nuremberg, Museen der Stadt Nürnberg and the Albrecht Dürer House Foundation. The lectures are dedicated to uncovering new areas of study and connections between the artist Albrecht Dürer, his work, and its afterlife, as well as his contemporaries and posterity.

We would like to find specialists in related specialties to address a range of topics on Dürer from their perspective. The lecture series are also a forum for young scholars.

Recently, local art collections in the city of Nuremberg have acquired officer armor from the 16th century. The majority come from one of the most extensive arsenal holdings from the imperial city, once one of the largest armories in Europe, and are located in several public and private art collections around the world. For this reason, this year's lectures on Dürer are dedicated to new scholarship as a unique source of questions of armor, weaponry and military technology.

There are only some suggestions for topics, and proposals should be no more than 200 words from the historical-cultural studies.

The individual presentations should last no longer than 45 minutes and be understandable to a wider audience of scholars. Presentations will be followed by 15 minutes of discussion.

The Albrecht Dürer House Foundation e. V. will pay a fee of 200 euros per lecture and travel and hotel costs.

Please send your proposals by 30 July 2018 to

or by mail to:
Nuremberg City Museums
Art Collections
Dr. Thomas Schauerte
Äußere Sulzbacher Str. 60
D-90491 Nürnberg

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