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CFP: Chemical Printing and Drawing on Stone: Changing Perspectives on Lithography (13-16 Feb 2019, New York)

From its first experimentations to its contemporary practice today, the technique of lithography has undergone a complex and rich evolution. Sweeping histories of the medium, such as the recent exhibition at the Zimmerli Art Museum, Set in Stone: Lithography in Paris, 1815-1900, have showcased the medium’s wide-ranging diversity and its persistent potential for innovative avenues of scholarly inquiry. This session seeks to highlight new research into the technical maneuvers by both artists and printers in the lithographic workshop, and encourages studies that range from lithography’s introduction through the present day and across the globe. Possible paper topics might include the key roles played by printers in lithography’s rapid development as a medium for artistic prints during the nineteenth century; collaborative relationships shared between artists and their printers; short-lived technical experiments such as “stone paper;” the consumer market for lithography historically and today; and the transformative introduction of the offset process.

Proposals are due August 6, and instructions for submitting a paper can be found via the 'External Link' below.

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