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Bisymmetry Image Making Intaglio Print Folding Transfer Method

Bisymmetry images are everywhere. Aesthetically pleasing proportionality with balance that reflects beauty and perfection. We look at them and interact with the familiar harmonious compositions everyday. At this workshop, we are going to explore and make many symmetric compositions through copper Intaglio process through print folding transfer on Japanese paper and collages.


Day One:

We will make intaglio plate with copper plate 30cmm x 22cm

Hard Ground line Etching with Ferric Chloride

Day Two:

Print on Kitakata Gampi paper

Day three:

Reground the plate and draw more then etch the plate again

Day Four:

Print on Kitakata Gampi paper

Day Five:

Collage the printed Gampi paper on white rag paper equivalent to (Rives BFK white 250gsm) Stretched on a plywood board with gum tape.

Additional watercolor to enhance the final touch

Relevant research areas: Western Europe, Contemporary, Etching

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