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Beisinghoff Printmaking Residency

A four-week opportunity that allows artists to work in a beautiful printmaking studio in Diemelstadt-Rhoden, Germany. Two artists will be chosen to work at Atelierhaus Beisinghoff, less than an hour away from Kassel, Germany.

Accommodation is free of charge and provides artists with an apartment, shared bath, library, kitchen, living room, and garden. The resident pays for travel costs, food, and materials. Artists prepare lunch together.

Atelierhaus Beisinghoff offers access to: (1) Letterpress studio with Korrex flatbed press, Garamond, Helvetica, Futura, Wallau, and some Bodoni Antiqua typefaces; (2) Intaglio studio with Plankenhorn etching press for paper up to 132 x 180 cm (52 x 70 in) and Kniehebel toggle press 32 x 42 cm, for smaller etchings and woodcuts.

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