The Association of Print Scholars is pleased to award its fifth annual Collaboration Grant to Lex Turnbull, founder of Seether Bookstore and Director of Revolve. The grant, in the amount of $1,000, will support a series of self-publishing and printmaking workshops in western North Carolina.

Lex Turnbull

Turnbull will host twelve workshops centered around the creation of collagraphs, linocuts, monoprints, zines, and small books over a period of six months. Through this series of programs Turnbull aims to instill participants with the skills and confidence to pursue these methods outside of the workshop. Turnbull’s educational philosophy, “rooted in accessibility and inclusion,” will play a guiding role in these programs and will facilitate connections among western North Carolina’s creative community. At the conclusion, participants will have the opportunity to exhibit their work at Revolve.

This year’s jurors also awarded to Kala Art Institute an Honorable Mention in the amount of $500. This award will help support public programming associated with the Institute’s Residency Projects exhibition (July–September 2022), which will feature six artists from its residency program: Sahand Heshmati Afshar, Ting Ying Han, Alisa Ochoa, Mariana Ramos Ortiz, Ron Moutlrie Saunders, and Lena Wolff. Funds will support a panel discussion and printmaking activities in September 2022, while the exhibition is on view.

KAI’s 2022 Fellowship Artists: (Top, left to right): Sahand Heshmati Afshar, Ting Ying Han, Alisa Ochoa; (Bottom left to right): Lena Wolff, Ron Moutlrie Saunders, Mariana Ramos Ortiz.

APS would like to thank Nancy Burns, Stoddard Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings & Photographs at the Worcester Art Museum; Im Chan, Paper Conservator, National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution; and Helena Wright, Curator Emerita of Graphic Arts at the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History, for their diligence and generosity in reading the submissions.

Lex Turnbull is a non-binary Southerner who approaches art as a jack-of-all-trades. In addition to their love for print, book + paper, they rely on video, sculpture and performance. They are an educator, organizer, curator and worker who strives to forge connections through collaborating with their community through print. Lex started Seether Bookstore five years ago to raise money for sending books to incarcerated LGBTQ+ folks. At Seether Bookstore, Lex is able to offer workshops on self-publishing and book forms and recently started a zine residency at Revolve in Asheville, NC.

The Kala Art Institute is an artist residency program and community art-making hub located in Berkeley, California. The spirit of exchange is at the heart of the Institute’s mission. Kala’s Fellowship Program awards residencies to those who demonstrate artistic adventurousness, conceptual creativity, and ideas for innovative projects that benefit from Kala’s printmaking and other specialized equipment. The program supports artists in their work to advance their craft, take artistic risks, experiment with new forms of art making, and tap into the transformative capacity of art to mobilize conversations about social, political, cultural, and economic issues.

The Association of Print Scholars is a non-profit organization that seeks to encourage the innovative and interdisciplinary study of printmaking by facilitating dialogue among its members, which are a diverse community of curators, collectors, academics, graduate students, artists, conservators, critics, independent scholars, and art dealers. Since its founding in 2014, over 500 people from around the world have become members of APS.

To learn more about the APS Collaboration Grant, click here. APS is currently accepting submissions for the 2023 Collaboration Prize (deadline: January 31, 2023).

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