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Over the past 47 years the Brandywine Workshop and Archives has produced a diverse collection of over 1,400 original artworks, hosted over 500 multicultural artists from the US and around the world, and now have more than 800 prints displayed in satellite collections at 14 institutions across North America. In additional to our visiting artist programs, BWA sponsors high school and college internships in printmaking, digital media and collections management. is the nation’s first free online database of culturally diverse artwork and artists, and an open educational resource for researchers, curators, educators and students. A free, interactive digital archive of culturally diverse art and artists, gives visitors access to a wide variety of voices, experiences, and histories not found in any other single open-educational resource. Our platform allows users to interact with art that represents contemporary cultures, histories, and traditions from around the globe.

Please visit the 'External Link' below to access the collections database and to browse featured exhibitions.
Relevant research areas: 20th Century, Contemporary

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