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To welcome a wider viewership, the works on paper collection is coming to the fore at MAH. Now highlighted, it can take part in the dynamic dialogue that has been launched between artwork from different fields. This initiative responds to director Marc-Olivier Wahler’s wish to investigate the transversality that characterises the museum’s multidisciplinary collections.

Several galleries located on the first level of the Rue Charles-Galland building have been converted into semi-permanent exhibition spaces with thematic installations that echo the museum’s current presentations. Two wide overviews are on display : portraiture in England and Scotland in the early eighteenth century, as expressed in prints and medals; and the notion of space, as re-transcribed on paper and in contemporary jewellery. As for the fine pastel portraits by Jean-Étienne Liotard and Georges de La Tour, which are seen alongside engraved versions – both painted on enamel and stamped in medal –they are on view until the end of the year.

Relevant research areas: Western Europe

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