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Art Residency @ Artistic Serigraphy Fallani, Venice Italy

Apply for the Arte Laguna Prize with 2 works, you are eligible for an art residency in Venice, Italy

Description of residency program
From the creation of the laboratory, Fiorenzo Fallani’s direction for artistic production was rediscovered through the use of screen printing.

With the subsequent experience of Gruppofallani, the prospectives were amplified and confirmed through a multi-purpose usage in the area of museum installations and display exposition.

Today FallaniVenezia intends to follow on the work started by Fiorenzo Fallani, continuing to seek out collaborations with artists that are approaching the screen print medium and opening up the laboratory through training courses and hands-on experience with printing.

The context is the same that hosted the artists that have animated the laboratory through the years, thus creating a continuity of the past into the present and into the future, with the intention of building important relationships and collaborations with those whose life is the creation, diffusion and commercialization of art.

Duration of residency
10 days

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Open to artists from the following disciplines: painting, sculpture and installation, photography, video art and performance, land art, virtual art and digital graphics, urban art.
Basic materials for the works and assistance are provided.

During the residency, the selected artist will be accommodated at lodgings made available by Fallani.

Studio/ workspace
Artist will have access to the equipments of the printmaking studio Fallani in Venice.

Fees and support
Application fee: 100 euro (the fee includes participation in the Arte Laguna Prize with 2 works, and will give access also to other opportunities, including 10 other residencies, collaborations with companies, gallery exhibitions, prize money)
Reduced fee for Under 25 artists: 90 euro

The residency includes: accommodation, assistance, basic materials, realization of a silk screen-printing work in 50 copies (25 for the artist, 25 for the Partner).

Expectations towards the artist
The residency will end with a final open day. The silk screen-printing work will be made in 50 copies (25 for the artist, 25 for the Partner).

Application information
To participate you have to enter the Arte Laguna Prize with at least two works in the same section and you will receive an email with the instructions to submit your application for the Artistic Serigraphy Fallani.
Relevant research areas: Western Europe, Contemporary, Screenprinting

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