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Art Instructor, Printmaking (Temp, Part Time Pool)

Desirable Qualifications:
1. Earned a Master's in Fine Arts (emphasis in printmaking) from an accredited institution.

2. Successful college or community college population teaching experience in beginning, intermediate levels and advanced levels of Printmaking.

3. Demonstrated experience teaching basic to advanced levels of intaglio printmaking, screen printing, monoprinting, relief printmaking and photo-printmaking technologies, related to these subjects.

4. Historical knowledge of materials and techniques required for fine arts printmaking, monoprinting and screen printing.

5. Demonstrated ability to assist in the maintenance of equipment, chemistry and materials required for printmaking instruction.

6. Demonstration of commitment to current professional involvement in the field of Fine Art and in printmaking as indicated through Vitae/Exhibition Record.

7. Demonstrated computer and image software skills as applied to photo-printmaking, etc.
Application Procedure

To apply for this posting, start by completing an online Faculty Position Application Form at To be considered a candidate for this posting, the following materials must be submitted and received by the Human Resources Department on or before 4:00 p.m. of the posting filing deadline. Substitution of required document(s) is not permitted.

Applicant: Please do not send any application materials to the Department Chair. Human Resources Department is not responsible for any documents addressed and/or sent to the Department Chair.

1. A detailed letter expressing interest in the position, indicating specifically how the minimum qualifications and as many as possible of the desirable qualifications will be fulfilled. Minimum and desirable qualifications are listed in this posting. The letter should also address the applicant's background and skills in the areas stated in the Examples of Duties.

2. A current resume summarizing educational background, teaching experience, and related work experience.

3. A City College of San Francisco Electronic Faculty Position Application completed in full and applied to this specific posting online. The statement "See Resume" is not acceptable.

4. Three (3) letters of professional recommendation written and specific to this advertised position (letters must be signed and dated to be considered valid).

5. Copies of transcripts verifying the degrees and majors as listed on applicant's CCSF Application Form; official transcripts and actual verification of work experience will be required at a later date. [NOTE: Degrees and majors must be posted on transcripts to be considered in the application process. Foreign degree(s) must be evaluated before an application can be processed. Foreign Degree Evaluation sources information is located on the left side margin.]

6. Diversity Statement: Separate from your letter of interest, submit a concise response using only one page to discuss how your course content and teaching methods meet the needs of culturally and academically diverse learners. List classes or professional development activities you have participated in that directly relate to working with diverse student populations. (Note: Substitution of "diversity statement" with a "teaching philosophy" document will be automatically disqualified.)

7. Required Applicant Documents: Twenty (20) images of applicant's current work in printmaking and drawing, and twenty (20) images of student work done under applicant's supervision on USB. (NOTE: Mail to: Art Instructor (Printmaking) , Job Posting #0170013, Human Resources Department, City College of San Francisco, 33 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA 94103).
Applicants bear the sole responsibility for ensuring that all application materials are complete when submitted and are received by the Human Resources Department by 4:00 p.m. on the posting filing deadline. Postmarks will not be honored. Emails are not acceptable.

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