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American Historical Print Collectors Society Fellowship and Internship Program

Qualified institutions, especially those having both collections of American prints and an established
fellowship program, are invited to apply for funding for a month-long research fellowship or internship.
The grant for accepted projects will be $2,000 from the Wendy Shadwell Fund of the American Historical
Print Collectors Society.  
Internships might involve exhibition research, a short-term cataloging project, conservation projects, or
other object-based experience. Institutions may select one research fellow/intern candidate each
year, then send information about the individual and the project. More than one institution can qualify to
receive these internship/fellowship positions in a given year, depending on funding available to the
American Historical Print Collectors Society through the Wendy Shadwell grant.   
Deadline for submitting applications is May 1 st  of each year, with the first group of fellowship/internships to
be awarded in 2022. Each individual selected would be designated as that institution’s American
Historical Print Collectors Society Fellow. Individuals selected will receive a one-year membership and will
be expected to write up a report of their project for publication in the AHPCS News Letter.  
Applications should be sent to:   
James Brust, Chairman  
Wendy Shadwell Committee of the American Historical Print Collectors Society

For more information about the AHPCS Fellowship and Internship Program, go to: AHPCS Fellowship and
Internship Program - AHPCS  The AHPCS also offers Wendy Shadwell Conservation Grants.  To learn
more about that program, go to the external link below.

Relevant research areas: North America

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