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AHPCS Shadwell Conservation Grant

2017 Wendy Shadwell Print Conservation Grants Offered by The American Historical Print Collectors Society

Institutions seeking funding to preserve American historical prints in their collections are invited to submit applications to the American Historical Print Collectors Society for a Wendy Shadwell Print Conservation Grant. The artwork to be treated must be at least one hundred years old and the institution must be a member of the AHPCS.
Wendy Joan Shadwell passed away on October 23, 2007. Wendy was a long-time curator at the New-York Historical Society, the author of many scholarly articles, and a past president of the AHPCS. She left a substantial bequest to the American Historical Print Collectors Society to encourage interest in American historical prints. An area of special concern to Wendy was the “Preservation of Early American Prints,” and the Wendy Shadwell Print Conservation Grant Program has been established to further that aim.
The American Historical Print Collectors Society (AHPCS) is a non-profit group that encourages the collection, preservation, study, and exhibition of original historical American prints that are 100 or more years old. Institutions and individuals are encouraged to join. For an online application form, please go to

Proposals for the 2017 Shadwell Conservation Grants will be due no later than September 30, 2016. Extensions may be possible. Awards will be announced following the annual meeting of the AHPCS in November. For more information about the grants please contact Roger Genser, Chairperson, Shadwell Print Conservation Subcommittee, PO Box 5133, Santa Monica, CA 90409 or refer to the AHPCS website,

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