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2021 Tusen Takk Residency

Tusen Takk’s three to twelve week residencies are geared for accomplished artists to explore new ideas or expand current work that affirms and enriches the human spirit, giving form to chaos and perception to beauty. A residency at Tusen Takk is a time to create; it’s also a time for artists to consider how their work engages with the history of its medium and how it intersects with existential questions of meaning and purpose.

Residency Period: Successful candidates will work with Tusen Takk staff to determine a three- to twelve-week residency period between March and December 2021.

A Tusen Takk Residency Includes:
-An honorarium of $625/week is provided to the artist to help cover residency-related costs including travel, shipping, materials, and day-to-day living expenses
-Housing in the Guesthouse outfitted with two bedrooms, one full bath, two half-baths and a living room/dining room/full kitchen area
-24/7 access to the Guesthouse’s Studios and Foundation Library
-An opportunity to present work in either a private or public setting
-Professional documentation of works and process (if desired)
-Promotion on Tusen Takk’s website and social channels
-Access to Tusen Takk’s staff
-An opportunity to engage with Tusen Takk’s staff, network, and be featured on our social channels beyond the residency period
-Occasional meals shared at the Tusen Takk Main House - note, the vast majority of the time the artist will be doing their own grocery shopping and cooking their own meals in the Guesthouse’s fully equipped kitchen
-To enable self-sufficiency, and because Tusen Takk is located outside of public transportation, taxi and delivery service, the artist will have use of a Tusen Takk vehicle during their stay (with a valid driver’s license)
-Access to the Director Geoffrey’s personal library of over 700 volumes and private collection by appointment

Residency Candidate Qualifications:
-The ability to produce a consistent body of high quality work
-Dedication to their artistic practice with a desire to spend at least 30 hours a week in the studio
-The self-motivation needed to work alone (Unless the residency is to be a collaboration between two people, the vast majority of the time the resident will be living and working in solitude)
-A willingness to engage audiences
-An openness to sharing thoughts on their work, their practice, and their processes through Tusen Takk’s online and printed publications
-Comfortable communicating with Tusen Takk’s English-speaking staff and audiences
-21 or older
-US citizenship or the ability to obtain a US visa (if needed). Most international artists can come on a visitor visa, but certain countries do not participate in the visa waiver program. Since delays can occur, international applicants should be sure to check the visa appointment wait times. Upon offer of a residency, the Tusen Takk Foundation is able to provide letter(s) of invitation.

Program Requirements:
In fulfillment of Tusen Takk’s mission, artists are highly encouraged to engage with the regional arts community when in residence. The context and form of this engagement opportunity are very flexible and can be coordinated with Tusen Takk staff either before or during the residency. Possibilities include a workshop, studio visit, or talk; or a public presentation or performance in collaboration with one of the Foundation’s partner organizations. Tusen Takk welcomes proposals from the artist about engagement ideas they might like to try during their residency here.

Artists should be willing to share their work, processes, and experience with audiences through Tusen Takk’s website, social channels, and printed publications.

In collaboration with the Director, Geoffrey Peckham, artists are asked to donate one work to the Foundation’s collection. Artists are also encouraged to leave behind a book as a contribution to the Foundation’s library for future residents.

Please visit the 'External Link' for more information and to apply.

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