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2018 Screenprint Biennial, Opalka Gallery, Sage College

The 2018 Screenprint Biennial seeks to showcase a range of screenprint-based art applications, from framed editioned prints to installation, sculpture, video, ephemera, and posters. This exhibition will in no way seek to act as a survey or “who’s-who” of screenprinting, but will assemble an exhibition that is consistent in highlighting artists who utilize adventurous, relevant, and passionate takes on the screenprinted medium. The Screenprint Biennial is announcing its open call for submissions. Submissions involving video, performance, sculpture, social practice, alternative substrates and processes, and collaboration are encouraged.

The exhibition is scheduled to premiere at the Opalka Gallery in Albany, NY. Located at the Sage Colleges, the Opalka Gallery’s primary focus is on modern and contemporary art and design from nationally recognized artists.

Deadline for email submissions: Friday, January 15, 2018 at 11:59PM EST


All email subject headings must read “Submission 2018 your name”, ie: “Submission 2018 Jane Smith”

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: All entries must be submitted via email. Artists may submit up to three JPEG images or one video.

File Size requirements:
- JPEGs must be 72 ppi, max size 1MB per individual image.
- Minimum 600 pixels, maximum1200 pixels in either direction.
- Time-based work can be submitted via a Youtube or Vimeo link. If the link is password protected, the password MUST be included in your work list.
- IMAGE LABELING: JPEG images MUST BE labeled as follows: "LAST Name_FIRST Name_Image number"
(Image numbers correspond with that work’s placement on the Work List.) Ex: "smith_jane_1.jpg" "smith_jane_2.jpg" etc.

Include a Word document with: artist’s name, address, email, phone number, and slide information (title, size, process, sale price, date completed). If work is for sale, please list the framed sale price, taking into account commission for work sold. In the case of unconventional projects, please include your proposal as part of the work list Word document.

Artists will be informed via email regarding their acceptance into the show Accepted work may be refused if it does not conform to the entered image. Absolutely NO substitutions of accepted works will be allowed. All accepted work must remain in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition.

Accepted artwork must be suitable for formal gallery presentation as well as the rigors of packaged shipping. Special display instructions must be explicitly stated and included in shipping. 2-D works on paper must be framed, wired, and ready to hang. A limited amount of video projection equipment will be available. Any sculptural or installation-based work must have clear instructions and guidelines.

High-Resolution Images:
Accepted artists must provide high-res images of selected work for purposes of publishing an exhibition catalog. Images should be 300ppi, approximately 5”x5”, in TIFF format. Images will be sent via a free file transfer service like WeTransfer. By submitting images for the catalog, you are giving permission for their use in any promotion for the exhibition. Accepted artists will receive a free copy of the exhibition catalog.

Shipping: Artists are responsible for shipping to and from the Screenprint Biennial.

Shipped work must arrive in a reusable container or crate. No mailing tubes. A computer-generated return label for return of work MUST be enclosed. NO EXCEPTIONS. Pre-paid shipping arrangements must be made through FedEx. NO U.S. POSTAL SERVICE OR COD RETURNS. DO NOT SEND CASH, CHECK, STAMPS, OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION FOR RETURN OF WORK. Please include a prepaid return-shipping label where it can be easily located.

Please ship selected works to: Opalka Gallery, 140 New Scotland Ave, Albany, NY 12208

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